3 Tips for Finding the Right Hotel for You

It’s not something we want to admit, because we likely chose it ourselves and we spent a lot of money on it, but we’ve all had a disappointing holiday experience at least once. Even the most easy going of us have had to suffer a hotel that doesn’t have the things you’re looking forward to most, or has a disturbance penetrating the peace of your holiday. Every hotel you get is going to give you breathtaking views, sun, sea and memories if nothing else, so you really can’t go wrong. Where you trip up is the rest of your experience. How do you make sure you end up in a hotel with poolside bar service rather than a view of the dodgy alley behind the building? We’re here to help with that. Whether you’re looking for a city views apartment in Tel Aviv or a beachside resort in Antalya, the process will be similar. Take a look at our tips to make sure you’re in a hotel you love and will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Define what you’re looking for

It’s important what you’re looking for in a holiday before you go looking for a hotel. If you’re looking to sleep by the pool all day and dance all night in an apartment, you’re not likely to like the family-friendly hotel with paddling pools and water slides that has lights out and music off by 8pm. Hotels do tend to walk a line there, but you know that parents and partiers are going to butt heads. A slide or water features are a good indicator of a family-friendly resort, but if you’re looking for a child-free experience you can’t go wrong with the many “adults only” hotels around the world. It just offers a little more freedom but also some more sophisticated activities. Think swapping the family show for a massage in the spa.

Look at reviews

Renting a hotel is a roll of the dice. There’s some things that the holiday package website just isn’t going to tell you. They don’t know what room you’re going to get, so they don’t know if you’ll be placed next to the repairs in the neighboring building. They won’t tell you the staff don’t care about the fact that your bed wasn’t made. They’re not going to tell you the in-house buffet only had two options.

But reviewers will. The first stop before every trip should be to TripAdvisor. Use your judgment on the best and worst reviews because they can both be valid. But to be sure, click the three-star reviews. These are the level-headed people with problems, but they otherwise had a good experience. Maybe these things are deal breakers to you.

Know what you’re worth

If, once you get there, you find a fundamental flaw with your accommodations, know that you can complain as soon as possible. We’re in the age of Karens, yes, but we’re also in the age of people trying desperately to not be a Karen and go too far in the opposite direction, never mentioning if they have good reason to be frustrated with their service. If there are repairs going on in the next room, you can demand a change, if you paid for something that isn’t there, you can demand your money back. Know what’s fair and fight for it. Hotels are famously accommodating so you will probably get your problem solved quickly and smoothly.