The idea for the creation of the Omodos Centre for the Preservation of Narrow- Knit Lacing was proposed by the Cyprus Handicraft Service of the Ministry of Commerce, industry and tourism. This service along with the Ecclesiastical Commission and the Community Board of Omodos located, studied and recorded the process creating a narrow –knit lacing, and organised the centre for its preservation. Omodos is still one of the most important centres for the production of narrow-knit lacing.

The importance of the Centre is great. It forms a part of an extensive collection of lace which aims to preserve the traditional local art, the process of creating the narrow-knit lacing, the cultural and historical heritage as well as its display towards youth , especially towards the women about the service the women in Omodos have offered towards the development if this type of art.

It is not only a traditional art passed on from mother to daughter and from grandmother to granddaughter. It is an artistic sensitivity, an art which is deeply rooted in the souls of the Omodos women.

Today the Omodos Centre for the Preservation of Narrow- Knit Lacing is housed in a narrow room at the north wing of the Monastery which was previously used as a monk cell. Its operation has offered locals and tourists the opportunity to visit and admire the famous narrow-knit lacing.

The Preservation Centre contains over one hundred remarkable lace items which form only a part of the rich collection of samples that the women of Omodos have allocated for their children and grandchildren.


For more information about the Omodos Centre for the Preservation of Narrow- Knit Lacing contact the Community Council of Omodos:


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