Top 5 Universities in Cyprus for International Students

Cyprus has got its name throughout history. The city is not only famous for its picturesque views and locations. Nevertheless, tourists come here from every part of the world to enjoy beautiful nature. But apart from this, in Cyprus, there are a whole lot of other different options of interest. This place is known to be a cradle of civilization and education. Public education is of high-quality in Cyprus. The country spends a considerable amount of money on education if compared to other European countries. 

Why do students choose Cyprus? Who else doesn’t want to learn new things in a sunny country? The location is fabulous. Students all over the world choose Cyprus because they can both study and enjoy the atmosphere of the place. But amazing landscapes aren't the only reason for students to choose this country. 

The tuition fees are low here. This is what makes students come here to study. They don’t have to overpay for quality education. Furthermore, students can choose to learn in English. Since this is a former British colony, it provides the English language for studying, as well. 

Cyprus is marvelous with its ancient tombs and mosaics. It has a unique culture that is highly valued in the world. If you want to try a new experience and study in Cyprus you need to choose the university carefully. Like any other place, it can suggest both beneficial and bad for studying options. Along with a team of professional academic writers from university essay writing service - SmartWritingService, we have gathered a list of top 5 universities in Cyprus for international students. Let’s take a look at them. 

University of Cyprus

The institution was founded in 1989. In 1992 a public institution situated in Nicosia performed its first class for the students. Since that time the university has grown in size, and now it counts thousands of alumni. It has also expanded the number of disciplines.
If you want to study here you will get the opportunity to choose between eight faculties. The choice is huge. There is a faculty of social sciences and education, faculty of management and economics, faculty of letters, medical school, and many other options for the trainees. Apart from teaching practice, in the university, there are research institutions.You can choose from a wide range of fields. The institution has gained a good name for its high-quality research practice in the field. And one of the renowned professors, Christopher Pissarides, has got the Nobel Prize for his achievements in economics. Studying here, you will benefit from living an interesting and busy life, since the main campus building is situated in the capital. 


Cyprus University of Technology 

If you choose this university you will be able to enjoy the city of Limassol. This is the second city after Nicosia. It is situated on the south coast. Compared to traditional old universities, this is a relatively new institution. It was founded in 2004. The first academic year started in 2008. The university was aimed to offer the disciplined that were absent in the capital’s university in Nicosia. Now the university is growing up and developing its reputation. Today, the main schools are old buildings. But the administration plans to build a new project closer to the city center. The university is great for students who want to see new countries and try new opportunities. In the university, they encourage the development of international ties. If you have ever wanted to participate in the Erasmus scheme Cyprus University of Technology will give you a chance to try. 


European University of Lefkosia

The institution was founded in 1989. The university is a non-profit organization. It offers more than 70 programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The location of the main campus is comfortable for students. The main campus is overlooking a beautiful view of the Mediterranean. You will need less than an hour to get to the capital city. If you have to get to the airport you will spend no more than 60 minutes. Nevertheless, it is not far from the capital city, it has a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Students can safely achieve their academic goals enjoying amazing landscapes. Students from different countries and continents from all over the world come here to learn new things and soak the history of the place. 


European University Cyprus 

This is a great university that can give so many opportunities to its students. It cooperates with local and foreign partners to ensure a beneficial studying process in the country and abroad.  The university provides sound guarantees for students. The teaching staff has all the important skills and experience to offer excellent support. The university is developing its technical services to make the life of students easier and more comfortable. 


University of Kyrenia

This is the first university founded in Northern Cyprus that provides in-depth knowledge of maritime sciences. It is a new public institution founded in 2013. Students can choose between a wide range of faculties in different fields. These are related not only to maritime studies. 


Cyprus is a perfect place for studying. It has so many benefits. If you are an international student and want to try an interesting experience, universities in Cyprus would be a great choice.