Kalavasos Mines

Located 6 kilometres northwest of the village of Kalavasos in the Larnaca district , are the mines of Kalavasos. These mines have assisted in the employment of many people during its operation. The area of Kalavasos has many advantages and mainly due to the Vasilikos River which ensured the irrigation and water supply as well as the metal deposits in the area.

The Kalavasos mines offered work to the agriculture population of the nearby villages and they assisted in bringing large amounts of foreign currency towards the economy of Cyprus. The mining activity was important for the island’s economy.

Today the mines remain closed and abandoned. The community board of Kalavasos has programmed the maintenance of the Mousoulou mine entrance in such a way so that the visitors look at the mine excavation as it occurred in the older years.

Kalavasos Mines photos


Kalavasos Mines location map