Baths of Aphrodite

Baths of Aphrodite are located in the Akamas Peninsula near the little fishing village of Latchi and is considered as a famous mythological site. It is believed that on this romantic site, Aphrodite used to take her baths in the pools of the natural cave. The cave is surrounded by a fig tree with beautiful natural wildlife.

There are many myths surrounding the pools and one of them is that if one bathed in them, they are restored of their fertility. However, nowadays nobody is allowed to enter the pools. The site can be reached by the nature trails of Akamas.

Location: Akamas Peninsula, near Polis, North Paphos, near Latchi village, Cyprus

Additional Information
- Driving from Paphos requires about 50 mins to 1 hour and is 45 Km far from Paphos.
- Car park can be found at the start of the path that leads to the baths.
- Toilets can be found within the Tourist Pavilion opposite the car park.
- Beside the Pavilion visitors can access a narrow beach.
- Food and drinks are available in the Pavilion.
- Visitors will need about 5mins walking to reach the baths.

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