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Beaches in Larnaca

Larnaca is the third largest city in Cyprus and is located on the southern coast of Cyprus.

The beaches in Larnaca are very beautiful with clear waters and some of the most popular ones are the Finikoudes beach and Mackenzie beach.


Beaches in Limassol

Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus and the biggest city that is located next to the sea. 

The beaches in Limassol are very beautiful with clear waters and some of the most popular ones are the Governors beach, Ladys Mile beach and the Kourion beach.

Soufh of Limassol, visitors or locals can find the Ladys Mile, Button and Kourion beach and to the West of the city the Avdimou, Melanda and Pissouri beaches.

Lastly, east of Limassol you can find the Governors beach.

Beaches in Paphos

Paphos is one of the most beautiful cities of Cyprus and this can be clearly seen from its amazing beaches it has offer.

The exotic city of Paphos has about 27 beaches and a length of 50 km seaside area making it the ideal location for swimming, diving or even snorkelling.

Cyprus Malls

The new fashion of malls was not possible to not affect Cyprus as well. Malls showed up in Cyprus during the last decade. With visits from millions of clients annually, malls have managed to conquer the Cyprus markets with the attraction of clients not only through the mall activity but also due to the entertainment they provide and genially due to a special atmosphere making a purchase into a walk.

Cyprus Nature

Even though Cyprus is such a small island, it still manages to incorporate so many attractions in its natural and diverse landscapes. As its climate is favorable during most of the months of the year it is the ideal place to travel and experience both the sea and the mountain within a short distance apart.

Cyprus Picnic Sites

Cyprus has 40 picnic sites in different forests which can accommodate a total capacity of 2300 people for the day.

Tourists or locals that would like to stay overnight, there are 5 camping sites which operate in Cyprus and those are managed by the Forestry Department of Cyprus.

Cyprus Shipwrecks

Cyprus is one of the top diving destinations in the world with thousands of visitors each year.The diving industry is an emerging tourism product. Moreover , the diving industry is an emerging tourism product. Apart from the wonderful marine wealth of our seas, the multitude shipwrecks assist in this emerge. Behind each of the shipwrecks in the seas, there are many known and unknown stories behind them.

Forests in Cyprus

Cyprus forests are very important and vital to the beauty and attractiveness of the island and they are visited by thousands of locals and tourists from all over the world.

The forests of Cyprus host a rich variety of flora and in general they cover 42% of the of the total Cyprus area and more specifically 18% are high forest and the remaining 22% is other wooden land.

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Cyprus Peninsulas

Cyprus is made up of different peninsulas in the north, south, east and west of the island. A list of the peninsulas, the towns they are located in and their areas can be seen below: