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Cyprus Fish

Cyprus is surrounded by the waters of Levantine that is the east basin of the Mediterranean, whose waters are characterised by a high temperature and salt capacity as well as a low concentration of natural ingredients.

Due to the low concentration of natural ingredients, there is a low production of natural organisms and therefore a lower biomass of other marine organisms, including fish.

Cyprus Lakes

Due to the dry Mediterranean climate, there are only 5 natural lakes that are salty and semi-salty in Cyprus. The other water systems have been created by man, such as the result of the construction of dams into rivers or the creation of storage units.

All the lakes in Cyprus can be characterised as dynamic systems. The natural salty and semi-salty lakes dry up quite often by not every year. 

Cyprus Tax / Income Calculator

In this page we provide a tool which can help you calculate how much social insurance contribution and how much tax is deducted from your salary, while working in Cyprus.

You can use the tool by either entering your annual gross salary or your monthly gross salary. The calculation will be done automatically while typing.

Cyprus Picnic Sites list

A list with 40 picnic sites in total is given below in the table.

These are picnic sites which are located in and out of the national forests along with important information for a basic update for visitors.


Cyprus Zoos Aquariums and Parks

The island of Cyprus has many things to offer apart from its great beaches, the sun and fantastic nightlife. For those who are interested in nature ,

archaeology as well as the animal kingdom there is a variety of things to see and do all over the island.

Cyprus Waterparks

Cyprus is well known for its crystal clear blue waters and sandy beaches, however there are many people who would prefer to spend a more exciting day in a waterpark.

Cyprus has three main waterparks (Waterworld Water Park , Fasouri Water Park , Paphos Aphrodite  Water Park) along with other smaller ones (Anastasia Aquamania Waterpark, Aqua Splash Waterpark, Aqua Sol Waterpark, Louis Phaethon Beach Hotel Waterpark).

Cyprus Cinemas

There are currently 7 cinemas located in the various towns in Cyprus. Details about these cinemas, locations and contact information is given in the table below.



K-Cineplex  Nicosia

Address :

Makedonitissis 8,

Strovolos 4025

Phone :


Apart from the sun and the beach, Cyprus has many other activities and entertainment options to offer.

Cyprus Marinas

There are five Marinas in Cyprus located in different towns and two Marinas are under construction at the moment (2017).

The Marinas are fully equipped to accommodate yachts, however this is not their only purpose. The Marinas are also a destination for dining and shopping as they are filled with restaurants,

cafes, bars and shops.  In some cases such as the Limassol Marina, there are even building complexes with luxury apartments and villas right on the Marina.