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Cyprus Shipwrecks List

Cyprus Shipwrecks are quite popular as Cyprus is one of the top diving destinations in the world with thousands of visitors each year. The shipwrecks are scattered across the island in various cities, from Paphos to Larnaca making their surrounding area even more magical.

Below you can see the complete list of the most well-known shipwrecks in Cyprus along with their locations:



Top 5 Universities in Cyprus for International Students

Cyprus has got its name throughout history. The city is not only famous for its picturesque views and locations. Nevertheless, tourists come here from every part of the world to enjoy beautiful nature. But apart from this, in Cyprus, there are a whole lot of other different options of interest. This place is known to be a cradle of civilization and education. Public education is of high-quality in Cyprus. The country spends a considerable amount of money on education if compared to other European countries. 

Kyrenia Villages List

The Kyrenia district is one of the 6 districts and it is the smallest district on the island with an extent of 643.9 square kilometres. It borders with the Nicosia district to the south and Famagusta district to the west. Kyrenia is then divided into 3 municipalities and 44 communities.

Cyprus Fishing Shelters

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research maintains and manages 16 fishing shelters for the safe mooring of professional fishing vessels. The programme for the creation of fishing shelters began with the establishment of the Department in 1964. Great importance was given to the construction of fishing shelters towards the north coasts of the island.

Cyprus Virgin Olive Oil

Cyprus Virgin Olive Oil is excellent oil produced by the local Cypriot olive variety. It has an exquisite characteristic aroma and pleasant taste. Olive producing areas can be found all over Cyprus, at an altitude of about 700 metres, while the main production zones are located in plain and semi mountainous areas in the Nicosia and Larnaca districts.

Limassol Carnival

The Limassol Carnival takes place for ten days, with happy and fun masquerades. The carnival is a big traditional celebration whose roots are lost during antiquity and which has been kept over the years and exists until today.

As a traditional celebration, Carnival has been celebrated in Limassol as well as the other towns in Cyprus over the last 100 years despite political or financial conditions, forming a celebration that gives people hope and positivity for a good year.

Botanical Gardens

The creation of a botanical garden is always done with predefined objectives for a specific purpose. The most common reasons for which the decision to create a botanical garden are the following:

  • To protect the biodiversity through the preservation of rare species.
  • The further the scientific study of certain flora species.
  • The environmental education and information.
  • Recreational purposes.


Cyprus Villages list

You can find all the villages located in the various cities, in the different lists below:

  • Famagusta Villages List
  • Kyrenia Villages List
  • Larnaca Villages List
  • Limassol Villages List
  • Nicosia Villages List
  • Paphos Villages List