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Cultural Services

The first service in the Ministry of Education and Culture , with  exclusive competence in culture was created in 1965 and was named Education Services , which was then upgraded and renamed in 1992 to the Department of Cultural Services.

Cyprus Mines

Cyprus has minerals which are made up of metal or non-fossil and quarry materials which are made up of non-metallic or industrial minerals. The minerals in Cyprus are related to the Troodos Ophiolite Complex and include sulphide ores (deposits of pyrite, copper and other heavy metals together with gold and silver) and minerals of chrome and asbestos.

Cyprus Rivers list

Cyprus Rivers are located in various locations across the island. The following table presents all the characteristics of various rivers located in Cyprus, according to their name, their location and their length in (kilometres).


Length (kilometres)


Cyprus dams list

The following table presents all the characteristics of the 56 dams located in Cyprus , according to their name , ther type ,  their purpose , the river which they are connected to , their capacity and the year of operation.




Cyprus religion

The principle religion in Cyprus is Orthodoxy. The biggest part of Cyprus population (around 78% of the total population) belong to the Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus. The Turkish – Cypriots (18%) are Muslim. There are also other minorities such as the Maronites and the Armenian Apostolics, Jewish and Roman Catholics which make up about 4%.

Cyprus Museums and Galleries

Cyprus has a rich culture and that can be demonstrated by visiting its museums.

You can view our Cyprus museum list below according to the various districts and you can also use our map display to easily locate the museums.

Entrance Passes

Marine traffic around Cyprus

You can use the map below to view the ships and vessels around Cyprus. Click on "Ship" icon to view all the information about that ship.

Cyprus snakes

At the mere mention of the word snake, we are completely taken over by fear. In general young and old have learnt to be afraid of snakes and unfortunately kill them. This is completely wrong. The snakes in Cyprus are a treasure and must be treated with respect.

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Cyprus Wine Villages

Wine villages of Limassol

The wine production zone of OEOP wine village of Limassol is located northwest of the town of Limassol and extends until the borders of Paphos. To the east it borders with the area of the Koumandaria wines and to the northeast with the wines of Pitsilia. The main area includes parts which are located at an altitude of 600metres and above. These villages are: