Cyprus is surrounded by the waters of Levantine that is the east basin of the Mediterranean, whose waters are characterised by a high temperature and salt capacity as well as a low concentration of natural ingredients.

Due to the low concentration of natural ingredients, there is a low production of natural organisms and therefore a lower biomass of other marine organisms, including fish.

Nevertheless, the wide variety of habitats which is provided in this area, mainly due to the particular morphology of the seafloor, contributes to the existence of a large variety in organisms. Over 300 types of fish have been found in the sea around Cyprus, some of them being immigrants from the Red Sea through the Suez Canal.

Due to the low biomass of the fish in the sea area of Cyprus in comparison to other areas in the Mediterranean, fishing is not an important area in the Cypriot economy. Its contribution to the gross national product, as a primary production in the industry does not exceed 0.3%, while the annual consumption of fish products per person is relatively low (around 20kg).

Nevertheless, the fishing sector in Cyprus is considered important, particularly because it offers social and economic benefits in coastal areas (creation of jobs, attract visitors, etc.), but also because it contributes in providing fresh and healthy products for consumers.

In addition, recent years have seen a significant increase in the number of anglers, who see the preoccupation with fishing as a means of relaxation and escape from everyday life.

A list with the 100 different types of fish in Cyprus can be seen below :

Types of Fish in Cyprus

Scientific Name

English Name

Atherinomorus Lacunosus

Hardyhead Silverside

Epinephelus caninus

Dogtooth grouper

Dasyatis centroura

Roughtail stingray

Belone belone


Rhinobatos cemiculus

Blackchin guitarfish

Phycis phycis


Solea solea

Common sole

Boops boops


Chlorophthalmus agassizi

Shortnose greeneye

Coris julis

Rainbow wrasse

Gobius niger

Black goby

Trachinus draco

Greater weever

Tetrapturus belone

Mediterranean spearfish

Tetrapturus belone

Mediterranean spearfish

Trigloporus lastoviza

Streaked gurnard

Pseudocaranx dentex

White trevally

Mugil cephalus

Flathead mullet

Squalus acanthias

Piked Dogfish, Spurdog

Polyprion americanus


Scomber japonicus

Chub mackerel

Cepola macrophthalma

Red bandfish

Siganus rivulatus

Marbled spinefoot

Siganus luridus

Dusky spinefoot

Apogon imberbis

Cardinal fish

Coryphaena hippurus

Common dolphinfish

Lagocephalus sceleratus

Silverstripe blaasop

Dicentrarchus labrax

European seabass

Lichia amia


Trachinotus ovatus


Pagellus erythrinus

Common Pandora

Uranoscopus scaber


Scomberomorus commerson

Narrow-barred spanish mackerel

Spicara smaris


Centracanthus cirrus

Curled picarel

Oblada melanura

Saddled seabream

Spicara maena

Blotched Picarel

Seriola dumerili

Greater amberjack

Conger conger

Conger eel

Torpedo marmorata

Marbled torpedo ray

Lithognathus mormyrus

Striped bream

Merluccius merluccius

European hake

Pagellus bogaraveo

Blackspot seabream

Mullus surmuletus

Striped red mullet

Brama brama

Atlantic pomfret

Umbrina cirrosa

Shi drum

Xiphias gladius


Macroramphosus scolopax

Longspine spinefish

Dactylopterus volitans

Flying gurnard

Epinephelus marginatus

Dusky grouper

Diplodus puntazzo

Sharpsnout seabream

Sarda sarda

Atlantic bonito

Chromis chromis


Zeus faber

John dory

Myliobatis aquila

Common Eagle Ray

Serranus scriba

Painted comber

Lophius budegassa

Black-bellied angler

Mycteroperca rubra

Mottled grouper

Fistularia commersonii

Bluespotted cornetfish

Naucrates ductor


Xyrichthys novacula

Pearly razorfish

Raja clavata

Thornback ray

Sargocentron rubrum

Red soldier fish

Blennius ocellaris

Butterfly blenny

Sardina pilchardus

European pilchard

Sarpa salpa

Cow bream

Trachurus sp.

Horse mackerel

Sciaena umbra

Brown meagre

Spondyliosoma cantharus

Black seabream

Synodus saurus

Bluestriped lizardfish

Sparisome cretense


Scorpaena scrofa

Largescale Scorpionfish

Helicolenus dactylopterus

Blackbelly Rosefish

Scomber scombrus

Atlantic mackerel

Schyliorhinus canicula

Lesser Spotted Dogfish

Muraena helena

Mediterranean Moray

Diplodus sargus

White seabream

Diplodus cervinus

Zebra seabream

Caranx crysos

Blue runner

Diplodus annularis

Annular seabream

Epinephelus costae

Goldblotch grouper

Mullus barbatus

Red mullet

Etrumeus teres

Round herring

Dentex dentex

Striped bream

Epinephelus aeneus

White grouper

Sphyraena sphyraena

European barracuda

Thunnus alalunga


Thunnus thynnus

Northern bluefin tuna

Upeneus moluccensis

Goldband goatfish

Sparus aurata

Gilt-head sea bream

Ruvettus pretiosus


Pagrus pagrus

Common Bream

Dentex gibbosus

Pink dentex

Pempheris vanicolensis

Vanikoro sweeper

Pagellus acarne

Axillary bream

Sardinella aurita

Round sardinella

Serranus cabrilla


Diplodus vulgaris

Two-banded seabream

Symphodus tinca

Peacock wrasse

Parexocoetus mento

African sailfin flying fish

Balistes capriscus

Grey triggerfish




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