Cyprus Zoo

Petrides Farm Park - Margi Village

petrides farm
petrides farm margi
petrides farm margi village
petrides farm nicosia
petrides farm park
petrides farm park nicosia

The Petrides Farm Park is located in the Margi village in the Nicosia district. It is a green farm with animals, games, sport areas, cafes in a great area in which the whole family can enjoy a relaxing time away from the city centre.

The particular farm is not only for recreation, but also educational as children have the opportunity to learn about the different farm animals that live there, offering an educational character to the whole concept.

Paphos Zoo

paphos zoo
paphos zoo cockatoo
paphos zoo elephant
paphos zoo parrot
paphos zoo penguins

The project began with Mr. Christos Christophorou’s love for Bird and Wild life.

The zoo was originally going to be for the private use of Mr. Christophorou, in order to house his large collection of birds. However he decided to open the Paphos zoo for the public, so that others may also enjoy the beauties of his private collection and to make it a unique zoo in Cyprus. Another aim that Mr. Christoforou had was to train the local community about the importance of taking care and maintaining all the wild animals.

Limassol Zoo

The Limassol zoo is located on the coastal road of Limassol, and is the biggest zoo in Cyprus.