Cyprus Cuisine

Cyprus cuisine is much like the Greek cuisine. The Cypriot cuisine involves appetizers, delicacies and salads, main dishes and sweets. There is also the traditional cyprus coffee and other traditional beverages brewed on the island. For more information about the food on Cyprus view the sections below.


Tzatziki (yogurt with garlic, cucumber, olive oil and a little pepper)

Tahini (Crushed sesame seeds with olive oil, lemon and garlic)

Taramosalata (Fish roe , pureed potatoes with olive oil, parsley, lemon juice and onion)

Haloumi (soft cheese usually grilled, made from either goat or sheep milk and sometimes spiced with peppermint)

Hummus (chickpeas and tahini)

cyprus food Appetizers


Souvla (lamb, pork, chicken cooked on a skewer , garnished with oregano , salt and lemon)

Souvlaki (same as souvla but smaller pieces , placed in a pitta bread with salad and tzatziki)

Stifado (Beef or rabbit stew with wine, vinegar, onions and spices)

Mousaka (Baked lamb and eggplant covered with béchamel sauce)

Kleftiko (lamb cooked for around 24 hours in a clay oven with lemon juice, and cinnamon)

Fasolada (dry white beans, olive oil, and vegetables)

Koupepia (Vine leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice)

Loukanika (Pork sausages soaked in red wine, seasoned with coriander and pepper)

Sheftalia (minced pork, chopped onions, bread crumbs, chopped parsley, white pepper and salt)

Afelia (pork, red wine, mushrooms, potatoes and coriander seeds)


Yemista (stuffed vegetables such as: peppers, tomatoes, onions, courgettes, aubergines or stuffed courgette petals)

cyprus cuisine souvla


cyprus cuisine souvlaki


Lountza (smoked pork loin)

Tsamarella (dried goat meat in coriander seeds and wine)

Chiromeri (pork meat in wine and smoked)

Zalatina (gelatine and boiled pork)

cyprus cuisine tsamarella


Soutzoukos (sweet made out of grape juice and nuts on a string )

Loukoumi (known as Turkish delight)

Finiotika Loukoumia ( Turkish delights made in Fini village)

Palouzes (a type of  jelly made out of grape juice)

Portos with Epsima  (Epsima syrup with sesame seeds)

Kiofterka (small diamond shaped pieces of palouze which are placed in the sun to dry for many days)

Epsima ( brown liquid used on different sweets , made of grape juice)

Glyko (preserves of almond, date, apricot, cherry, quince or grapes)

Kourabiedes (small almond cakes coated in icing sugar)

Melomakarona ( honey cakes)

Finikia ( walnut cakes)

Loukoumades (very sweet, small, Cyprus style doughnuts with honey)

Kadeifi, Baklava and Galatopureko (very rich, sweet cakes made with honey)

Vasilopita (Traditional New Year’s Cake with one gold coin in it. The person that gets the slice with the coin is said to have good luck all year long.)

Fresh Fruit - fruit is often served as a dessert!

cyprus soutzouko


Arkatena are a famous type of pretzel produced in the village of Omodos originating from Smirne. The arkatena pretzels  are made of ground chickpeas and smells which are then cooked in the oven until they are hard.

cyprus soutzouko


Commandaria wine( sweet dessert wine made from grapes) Zivania spirit (produced by distillation of grapes).

Ouzo is another famous and traditional Cyprus drink, which is produced by double distillation of selected dry wines, together with seeds of anise.

Modiktiko Wine  is the most famous, well-known and sought after wine in Cyprus

Cyprus beers (due to the mild climate that produces rich wheat, which is used to brew high quality light beers)

Cyprus coffee (The coffee is made from fresh, finely ground coffee beans, usually Brazilian. There is sweet "glikis" , medium "metrios" and "sketos" which is unsweetened. When the sugar has dissolved, the coffee is allowed to come to the boil, forming a creamy froth known as "kaimaki" on top. Cyprus coffee is served in small cups and is customarily accompanied with a glass of cold water.

Frappe An iced coffee drink. It is either glykos (sweet), metrios (medium sweet) or sketos (no sugar). It is also ordered with milk (me gala) or without.

cyprus coffee

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