Souvla is one of the most famous meat dishes on the island of Cyprus. It involves large pieces of meat passed through large skewers and cooked on a foukou (charcoal grill). The meat used on a souvla can be lamb, pork and even chicken.


From early on each piece of meat must be pierced in order to cook easier on the inside as well as on the outside. Then the meat must be rubbed with lemon olive oil oregano or thyme, pushing it into the wholes made.

Following that, it is placed in a large glass or plastic bowl and it covered for a minimum of two hours. Once the meat has taken in the juices and flavours salt and pepper must be placed, and then the mean is passed onto the skewers.

The cooking begins with the meat close to the fire for about 10 minutes and it is then lifted higher in order to stay juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The meat is cooked for about one and a half hours and it turned frequently depending on the meat (chicken is cooked for about 40  minutes).

During the cooking, you may put some Rosemary or fresh bay leaves in order to gain a nice smell.


- 1-1 ½ kilos of meat for each skewer (side and shoulder), cut in large pieces.  

- ½ lemon (juice)

- 1 handful of fresh oregano and thyme leaves

- 6 bay leaves,

- 4 tablespoons olive oil,

- Salt, ground pepper,

- Rosemary sprigs or bay leaf fresh for the coal (Optional)

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