Cyprus Park

Lemba Park - Valley

lemba bridge
lemba bridge paphos
lemba valley
lemba valley

Lemba Park - Valley is situated in the village of Lemba in the Paphos district. The large community park has an extent of 40 hectares located at the sides of the Argakiou tou Taisi, which passes through the centre of the community.

Oreites Wind Farm - Archimandrita Village

oreites windmill farm
oreites windmill park
windmill farm oreites

The first Windmill Park in Cyprus is a reality and it is situated at the location of Oreites in the Paphos district. We are referring to Oreites Wind Farm.

Garyllis River Linear Park, Limassol

garylli park limassol
garyllis linear park
garyllis park
garyllis park limassol

The Garyllis River has been formed into a linear park, creating a new axis of interest, which passes through Limassol from the north until south. It regenerates the town of Limassol, and provides services to a great part of the town, as with the regeneration of the Akti Olympion and the Dock.

Marios Tokas Municpal Garden Theatre - Limassol

marios tokas limassol garden
marios tokas municipal garden

One of the most beautiful outdoor theatres in Cyprus, is located in Limassol and is situated within the Limassol Municipal garden with a capacity of 1800 people in which shows and concerns take place during the summer months.

Molos (Multifunctional seaside park) in Limassol

limassol molos
limassol seafront
limassol sea front park
molos limassol

Molos which is a Multifunctional Seaside Park is located in Limassol along the Akti Olympion beach extending to the old Limassol Port occupying an area of 65.000m2.

Limassol Municipal Garden

Limassol Municipal Garden
Municipal Garden limassol
Municipal Garden Limassol cyprus

The Limassol Municipal Garden is located on the coastal road, at the centre of the Limassol town.

It is one of the most historical places in the town as it is over 100 years old.

The Limassol Municipal Garden has always been a hallmark of Limassol and was the ideal place for local and foreign families to visit.

Eleouthkia Park - Anarita

eleouthkia park
eleouthkia park anarita
eleouthkia park paphos

Botanical Section

Cyherbia Botanical Park

cyherbia botanical park
cyherbia lavender cyprus
cyherbia maze avgorou

The Cyherbia Botanical Park is located in the community of Avgorou in the Larnaca district, a small paradise for all senses.

There are smells, colours and tastes that wait for the visitor to explore through the dozens of aromatic plants and flowers that exist at the park. The Park is divided into 9 theme areas which are listed bellow. As you explore the park you will see the plants which concern each of the following areas:

A.G Leventis Botanical Garden

leventis botanical garden
troodos botanical garden
troodos leventis

The A.G Leventis Botanical Garden is located in the Troodos National Park and is part of the Natura 2000 network. It is at an altitude of 1400 metres before the main road of Karvounas – Troodos within the boundaries of the Asbestos mine. It is part of the Nation Botanical Gardens Association.

Troodos Geopark - Botanical Garden

geopark troodos
geopark in troodos
geopark troodos
troodos geopark

The Troodos Geopark is located at the centre part of Cyprus and it extends to about 137.000 hectares or 1370 square kilometres, taking over about 45% of the total