Cyprus Nature

Even though Cyprus is such a small island, it still manages to incorporate so many attractions in its natural and diverse landscapes. As its climate is favorable during most of the months of the year it is the ideal place to travel and experience both the sea and the mountain within a short distance apart.

The island can offer those who love the mountains the chance to experience the Mediterranean character of the island. Go hiking in one of the 100 clearly mapped nature trails  or one of the many waterfalls located in the Troodos mountain range or in the forests within the surrounding peninsula areas.

Cyprus offers a rich variety of fauna and flora with endemic animals and plants. What is even more, Cyprus has 5 camping sites located on the island and 40 different picnic sites which you can visit, have lunch and relax under the shade of the tall pine trees.  Not enough? There are water dams, rivers and mines located in different areas along with other attractions along the way.

On the other hand for those who prefer the sea, Cyprus beaches are crystal clear with golden sand or pebbles (take your pick!!). Have a swim, sunbathe, take up watersports or dare to take a plunge into one of the many diving or shipwreck sites located on the island.

Prefer to drive around? Take a car drive up to one of the hundreds of villages in Cyprus and experience the locals’ hospitality from firsthand. Whatever you do you will never be bored on the island of Cyprus.

Cyprus Nature photos: 
cyprus nature
cyprus nature
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