Black Friday is the name that is given for the day after Thanks Giving in America, the fourth Friday of November which is considered to be the beginning of the Christmas Shopping period since 1952. This day has the largest number of sales per year in the USA, presenting a purchasing hysteria by customers.

During the last few years, Black Friday has also become a trend in Cyprus with many stores offering sales up to 80% on their stock. Every year more and more stores have been joining in on the Black Friday sales therefore customers should place their shopping on hold until then. Some of the most popular retail shops include:

  • Public
  • Stephanis
  • Bionic
  • Beautyline
  • IKEA
  • ALDO shoes
  • Electroline
  • Scandia
  • Debenhams

According to the financial records, the number of sales on Black Friday in 2017 has tripled compare to those of 2016, with the greatest sales taking place in technology shops.

The consumer protection agency urges consumers to take the following advice during their shopping:

  • Research the market from now. Locate any products which may interest you and mark their original price down, so that you can have a realistic view of the discount that will be given on Black Friday. Many people don’t know the original price and end up buying things that do not have such a big discount.
  • Do not purchase things in a rush. Only buy things that you actually need and research the market well comparing prices and quality.
  • Do not purchase an item just because it is on sale. Study the details of the product that is of interest and make sure that it accommodates your needs and demands. Read reviews about the quality of the product. Evaluate the final price and not the discount.
  • Use the internet for both the purchase of your items, but to find other similar products, reviews about the product as well as the price from other suppliers and shops.
Black Friday Cyprus photos: 
black friday public
black friday public
  • black friday public
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  • black friday
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  • Black friday stephanis
  • Black friday mall of cyprus
  • Black friday mega electric
  • Black friday public
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