Cyprus is a small island and does not have a lot of mountains but it has some quite impressive ones. Those include Kyrenia Mountains, Mount Olympus (Troodos), Troodos mountain, Pentadaktylos mountain and Stavrovouni (mountain). The most famous ones are those of Troodos mountain and Pentadaktylos one.

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Troodos mountain
Pentadaktylos mountain
Mesaoria plain

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Troodos mountains
Troodos mountains
  • Troodos mountains
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Kykkos Mountains

Perched high in the Troodos mountain range, the Kykkos Mountains stand as a testament to the rugged, untouched beauty of Cyprus's interior. ...

Pentadaktylos mountain

Pentadaktylos Mountain, Πενταδάκτυλος (Greek) is a mountain mass which is part of the Kyrenia Mountains and which runs 160 km a...

Plain of Mesaoria

Mesaoria is a sweeping plain that completes the northen Cyprus centre. The land is flat, starting from Morphou Bay to Famagusta Bay and the ...

Troodos Mountain Range

The Troodos Mountain Range is the largest mountain range in Cyprus and is located right at the center of the island. Mount Olympus is the hi...