Due to the dry Mediterranean climate, there are only 5 natural lakes that are salty and semi-salty in Cyprus. The other water systems have been created by man, such as the result of the construction of dams into rivers or the creation of storage units.

All the lakes in Cyprus can be characterised as dynamic systems. The natural salty and semi-salty lakes dry up quite often by not every year. 

Both types include species that are typical for these conditions. The quality of the water in the man-made reservoirs and the storage units depends on the rainfall and the use. The man-made reservoirs fill up from water which also comes from the rivers.

During the winter they fill up but during the summer when the water is used more the water is relegated. Therefore the amount of water and the size of these lakes changes accordingly. 

As all the reservoirs and the storage areas are made with the aim of supply drinking water and water for irrigation all the lakes will dry up which is what happens all the time.

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larnaca lake cyprus
larnaca lake cyprus
  • larnaca lake cyprus
  • larnaca salt lake
  • oroklini lake
  • oroklini lake larnaca
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Cyprus lakes - All Districts

Almirolivado Lake

The Almirolivado Lake is located near the Amiantos mines, at an area which is rough  in Troodos. One can only reach it by crossing t...

Athalassa Lake

Athalassa Lake is located at the Agios Georgios Park in the Nicosia district, which is part of the national Forest  Park of Athalassa. ...

Ergates Lake

The Ergates Lake is situated in the Ergates village in the Nicosia district. It has a circular shape and in the middle it has a small island...

Kokkinopezoula Lake

The Kokkinopezoula Lake is located 28 kilometres to the southwest of Nicosia, in the village of Mitsero. The Kokkinopezoula Lake is an im...

Larnaca Salt Lake

The Larnaca Salt Lake is located at the southwest part of the town of Larnaca, east of the villages Meneou and Dromolaxia, near the Larnaca ...

Limassol Salt Lake

Limassol salt lake (also known as the Akrotiri salt lake) is the largest lake on the island of Cyprus and is located in Akrotiri peninsula. ...

Oroklini Lake

The Oroklini Lake is located north of the town of Larnaca, at a distance of about 9 kilometres. The lake forms a rich wetland and a shelter ...

Paralimni Lake

Paralimni Lake is located in the eastern part of Cyprus in the Ammochostos district a little outside of Paralimni. It is one of the most...