The Kokkinopezoula Lake is located 28 kilometres to the southwest of Nicosia, in the village of Mitsero.

Access to the lake is through a short dirt road that is met by a paved road that passes by the village Agrokipia and then to the village of Mitsero. The dirt road begins a few kilometres further down towards the left, north towards Troodos.

It is definitely something very foreign in Cyprus, and is an impressive and spectacular image for the Cypriot nature. The Kokkinopezoula Lake is a phenomenon that was left behind and is a consequence of the Kokkinopezoula - Mitsero Mine  in the area.

The water in the lake became red due to the high acid, and it did not allow any living organisms to develop. It stands out due to the small rivers which are created after a rainstorm, changing the red colour of the lake and creating yellow and orange shades.

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kokkinopezoula lake
kokkinopezoula lake
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