Folk art is the creation of the people and it expresses the various characteristics through the centuries. Through folk art and the tradition of a nation, we may define the extent and the quality of civilisation which it has created in its historical path. Folk art is the art of the people and it has been created to meet its needs and the sense of beauty.

The importance of Folk art is huge because it is the soul of the people itself. The Cypriot Folk art has much to show. After it has been tested by various conquerors it has reached our days great, integral and admirable.

Type of Folk Art

There are many types of folk art such as architecture, weaving, embroidery, pottery, basket weaving, chair making ,  artistic metalwork and wood carving. These types of folk art also created a variety of traditional occupations on the island.  Apart from these types of folk art there are also different types of folk traditions. The Cypriot folk tradition includes folk singing (for example Radafnousa) , traditional wedding (prenup) , manners and customs ( for example the Wine Festival, donkey races , painting red eggs at Easter) , folk beliefs (gnomes) , traditional clothes and items ( for example the Shepard vourka) ,  traditional dances ( for example tatsia). All these form one part of the island’s culture.

Centres of Folk Art











Terracotta – Kormou Pots


Embroideries Of Lefkara


Ammochostos (Famagusta)


Woven – Lefkonoitziatika










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