The embroidery art of Cyprus and the Cypriot embroidery items are famous all over the world. The materials which were used were cotton, flax and silk. Lace “Reticello” received an excellent position in the trade from an early time. Even in our days it is known and famous by the name of “Lefkaritika”. The main areas where embroidery bloomed were Lefkara, Omodos and Athienou.

The types of embroidery are many. According to their color they can be divided into two large categories:

  1. The multicolored embroidery ( colored cross stitches etc)
  2. The white embroidery (lefkaritika embroidery , Larnaca laces “venis” , pipilles with a knot , crochet)
Cyprus Embroidery photos: 
cyprus embroidery
cyprus embroidery
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Cyprus Embroidery location map: