The creation of a botanical garden is always done with predefined objectives for a specific purpose. The most common reasons for which the decision to create a botanical garden are the following:

  • To protect the biodiversity through the preservation of rare species.
  • The further the scientific study of certain flora species.
  • The environmental education and information.
  • Recreational purposes.


In most cases, a botanical garden actually forms an area in which all factors coincide. The art of gardening is combined with environmental education, recreation as well as the preservation of rare species and botanical science. However, each botanical garden is unique and its design and development depend on the goals originally set.

The Forest Department detected the need for the creation of botanical gardens on the island; therefore, the first botanical garden was created in the area of Athalassa during the 1960’s. During the last few years, the Forest Department has responded to the increased need to create and maintain endangered species with the creation of three new botanical gardens located in Athalassa, Amianto and the Baths of Aphrodite.

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Athalassa Botanical Garden

The Athalassa Botanical Garden is the oldest garden, which was designed and created by the Forest Department. It is part of the Athalassa Na...