The Athalassa Botanical Garden is the oldest garden, which was designed and created by the Forest Department. It is part of the Athalassa National Forest Park, has an extent of about 4, 5 hectares and is situated southeast of the Nicosia, Larnaca and Ammochostos District Forest  nursery. The design and implementation occurred in two phases and in two neighbouring locations forming the Botanical garden A and the Botanical garden B.

The Botanical garden A was formed during the period 1964-1970 where 1000 plants, arborous and bushy, representing 173 different species, subspecies and hybrids, which belong to 136 genera and families.

The Botanical garden B forms and extension of the Botanical garden A. Its creation began in 1994 and since then has been upgraded and enriched with new species. It includes 600 plants which come from the Cypriot flora and which represent 290 different species and subspecies which belong to 167 genera and 79 families. Apart from the arborous and bushy types, it includes semi bushes poes, grass and bulbous plants.

Athalassa Botanical Garden photos: 
botanical garden athalassa cyprus
botanical garden athalassa cyprus
  • botanical garden athalassa cyprus
  • athalassa botanical garden
  • botanical garden athalassa
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