Cyprus Lakes

Kokkinopezoula Lake

kokkinopezoula lake
kokkinopezoula lake cyprus
kokkinopezoula lake nicosia

The Kokkinopezoula Lake is located 28 kilometres to the southwest of Nicosia, in the village of Mitsero.

The Kokkinopezoula Lake is an impressive and spectacular image for the Cypriot nature which is the consequence of mining in the area.

Ergates Lake

ergates lake
ergates lake nicosia

The Ergates Lake is situated in the Ergates village in the Nicosia district. It has a circular shape and in the middle it has a small island with some trees on it.

Almirolivado Lake

almirolivado lake
almirolivado lake cyprus

The Almirolivado Lake is located near the Amiantos mines, at an area which is rough  in Troodos.

One can only reach it by crossing the nature trail near the Almirolivado camping area with steep changes in the morphology, steep inclines next to small ravines which is not an easy pathway for everyone.

Athalassa Lake

athalassa lake
athalassa lake nicosia
athalassa lake nicosia cyprus

Athalassa Lake is located at the Agios Georgios Park in the Nicosia district, which is part of the national Forest  Park of Athalassa.

Oroklini Lake

larnaca lake cyprus
oroklini lake
oroklini lake larnaca

The Oroklini Lake is located north of the town of Larnaca, at a distance of about 9 kilometres. The lake forms a rich wetland and a shelter for over 190 types of migrating birds, out of which 30 nest there.

In the past the lake had been downgraded significantly and faced threats until the effective rescue which began in 2012 with the three year project called LIFE Oroklini.

Paralimni Lake

paralimni lake
paralimni lake cyprus
paralimni lake famagusta

Paralimni Lake is located in the eastern part of Cyprus in the Ammochostos district a little outside of Paralimni.

It is one of the most important wetlands which is covered by rain water and has an extent of 5 square kilometres.

Larnaca Salt Lake

larnaca salt lake
salt lake larnaca
Salt lake of Larnaca

The Larnaca Salt Lake is located at the southwest part of the town of Larnaca, east of the villages Meneou and Dromolaxia, near the Larnaca Airport.

Limassol Salt Lake

Limassol salt lake (also known as the Akrotiri salt lake) is the largest lake on the island of Cyprus and is located in Akrotiri peninsula.

Akrotiri salt lake measures 10.65 km² with its lowest point at 2.7 meters below sea level and the deepest point of the lake is about one meter.