Trimiklini Double Bridge

This is the only double bridge in Cyprus. Situated in a beautiful location in Trimiklini village (Limassol District), the bridge was constructed in two phases. The first phase of construction was completed in 1901 and served the needs of carriages crossing the mountains of the region. The second phase of the construction was completed in 1917, after the appearance of the first automobile vehicles.

Koilani Medieval Bridge

koilani bridge
koilani medieval bridge
medieval bridge koilani

The Koilani medieval bridge is situated in the village of Koilani in the Limassol district. More specifically it is situated near the river bank of the Krios River, about fifty metres from the Panagia Watermill, on the watermill nature trail.

Agia Mavri Medieval Bridge Koilani

agia mavri bridge
agia mavri venetian bridge

The Agia Mavri Medieval Bridge is situated in the village of Koilani in the Limassol district.

Trozena Bridge

Trozena Bridge
trozena metal bridge
trozena bridge cyprus
trozena bridge limassol

Trozena Bridge is situated in the abandoned village of Trozena - Gerovasa in the Limassol district. One would not expect to find such a result of modern mechanics in an abandoned village.

Skarfou Bridge - Paphos

skarfos bridge
skarfou bridge paphos

The Skarfou Bridge is located in the abandoned village of Skarfou, situated between the villages Evretou and Sarama in the Paphos district.

Stavrou Bridge - Fini Village

bridge stavrou fini
stavrou bridge
stavrou bridge fini

Stavrou Bridge is located in the village of Fini in the Limassol district. The bridge links the two parts of the Fini villages together.

It is called Stavrou Bridge due to the fact that it is built very close to the church of Timiou Stavrou.

Trimiklini Bridge, Limassol

bridge trimiklini
trimiklini bridge
trimiklini bridge cyprus

Trimiklini Bridge is located in the village of Trimiklini in the Limassol district. Walking around in the village one will meet the unique ancient bridge that was built during the Venetian period, at the river bank of the Kouris River.

Akapnou Bridge - Akapnou Village

akapnou bridge
akapnou bridge cyprus
akapnou bridge limassol

The Akapnou Bridge is located to the northwest of the community of Akapnou in the Limassol district.

The stone bridge is situated at a distance of 300 metres from the centre, surrounded by thick wild vegetation, with one of the Vasilopotamos Rivers flowing beneath it.

Mylos Bridge - Marathasa

mylos bridge
mylos bridge cyprus
mylos bridge tries elies

Venetian Bridges are part of a hidden treasure that are located at the valleys of rivers. Locating them will not leave you untouched, as these bridges are usually surrounded by scenic images and unique peaceful sounds from nature.

Piskopou Bridge - Fini Village

piskopou bridge
piskopou bridge fini

The Piskopou Bridge is located at a short distance from the village of Fini in the Limassol district. It is situated in the Troodos Mountain range about 44 kilometres northwest of the town of Limassol.