Kyrenia is a district in the north coast of Cyprus opposite the southern shores of Asia Minor. It is the most northern town of Cyprus and it is surrounded by sea towards the north,  and by the Pentadaktylos Mountains to the south.

The Kyrenia district is one of the 6 districts and it is the smallest district on the island with an extent of 643 square kilometres. It is the only district in Cyprus, which is completely under the illegal occupation of the Turkish Republic. Kyrenia borders with the Nicosia district to the south and to the east and south east with Famagusta.

The north and west parts of Kyrenia are coastal. Kyrenia  is then divided into  3 municipalities and 44 communities. The three municipalities are: Kyrenia , Lapithos and Karavas.To the north and east the Kyrenia area extends until the village of Livera , while to the west until the village of Kalograia and to the south until the village of Fottas.


To view the list of all the Kyrenia Villages refer to the Kyrenia Villages List.









Kyrenia villages map

Cyprus villages - Kyrenia district

Agios Amvrosios, Kyrenia

Agios Amrosios is a large Greek community in the occupied district of Kerynia in Cyprus. Before the Turkish invasion in Cyprus in 1974, only...

Asomatos, Kyrenia

Asomatos village is an occupied village in the Kerynia district in Cyprus. It neighbours with the villages Mirtou, Karpasia and Kambili. ...


Bellapais is a Greek village in the Kerynia district about 6 kilometres southeast of the town of Kerynia. It has been under the Turkish occu...


Dikomo is a village located in the district of Kerynia, in the occupied part of Cyprus which is located 10 kilometres from Nicosia. It is bu...

Diorios, Kyrenia

There are many versions as to how the village of Diorios  got its name during the passing of many years. One of these supports that ...


Karavas village is located near ancient Lapithos in the district of Kerynia, and it is believed that the village was created during the...


Kormakitis is a small village in the occupied part of Kerynia in Cyprus. It is located 29 kilometres west of the town of Kerynia and 16 kilo...

Vouno Kerynias

Vouno Kerynias is an occupied village in Cyprus and it borders with the villages Siggari, Koutsoventi and Hamit Mandres. It is built at...