Larnaca is a district in the southeast coast of Cyprus. It is the successor town of ancient Kition one of the most important kingdoms in ancient Cyprus. It is also the birthplace of the well-known ancient philosopher Zinona.

The Larnaca district is one of the 6 districts in Cyprus and is the fifth largest on the island. It has an extent of 1120 square kilometres. Larnaca is then divided into 6 municipalities and 53 communities/villages. The municipalities are: Aradippou, Athienou, Dromolaxia – Meneou, Larnaca, Livadia and Pano Lefkara.

Larnaca borders to the east with Famagusta, to the north with Nicosia and to the west with Limassol. A small part of the district was occupied by the Turks during the 1974 war and is now considered to be a part of the occupied Nicosia capitol.

To the north the Larnaca area extends until the village of Athienou , to the east until the village of Odou , to the south until Mari and to the east until Xylofagou. The Larnaca district has coastal villages that extend along its south and east coasts, as well as mountainous terrain to its west.

Each of the 53 villages has its own unique beauty and attraction. There are many attractions in the villages ranging from churches, museums, culture attractions and nature attractions. The many churches, chapels, monasteries in all of the villages also show how religious the residents are. The museums along with other cultural buildings help preserve the culture and the customs that each village has.

Each village has traditional restaurants and shops that can offer you with the local cuisine as well as the local products that it produces (sweets, bread, and drinks) and the Cypriot hospitality.

Whether you are interested in the coastal villages with beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue waters, archaeological sites or mountainous villages with traditional architecture and embroidery, Larnaca will accommodate all tastes.

To view the list of all the Larnaca Villages refer to the Larnaca Villages List.









Larnaca villages map

Cyprus villages - Larnaca district

Agia Anna Village , Larnaca

Ayia Anna Village in Larnaca is a charming blend of historic allure, serene rural life, and Cypriot hospitality. It offers a unique retreat ...

Agioi Vavatsinias Village

Agioi Vavatsinias is a village in the Larnaca district to the south of the Machera forest, 700 metres above the sea surface. It is one of...

Alaminos Village

The community of Alaminos is located about 28 kilometres from the town of Larnaca, between the villages of Agios Theodoros, Kofinou, Anafoti...

Alethriko Village

Alethriko is a village in the Larnaca district which is located in a privileged position between three districts. It is 15 minutes away from...

Anglisides Village

The beautiful village of Anglisides is located 17 kilometres southwest of the town of Larnaca. Anglisides is located on the west part of Lar...


Aradippou is a municipality of Cyprus in the Laranaca district. It has a population of 11,448 and an extent of 42,982 square kilometres. It ...


Athienou is a suburb in the Larnaca district in Cyprus. More specifically it is located in the Mesaoria plain, amongst Nicosia and Larn...

Avdellero Village

Avdellero is a village in the Larnaca District of Cyprus, located 8 km south of Athienou and was always habited by Greeks and according...

Ayia Anna Village

Nestled within the heart of Larnaca's picturesque countryside, Ayia Anna Village exudes a sense of tranquility and charm that sets it apart....