Aradippou is a municipality of Cyprus in the Laranaca district. It has a population of 11,448 and an extent of 42,982 square kilometres. It was officially recognised as a municipality on the 23rd of February 1986 and is located northeast of Larnaca.

At the town limits there is the Rizaelia Forest. The protector of the municipality is Saint Loukas. The residents of Aradippou were traditionally farmers, stockmen and many of them landowners. Aradippou is in the area of the ancient Kitio, where buildings of the Hellenistic period have been discovered. During the medieval times the Frank leaders had a holiday house in Aradippou which was destroyed by a raid by the Mamluks in 1425.

In 1974 with the inflow of refugees from the Turkish invasion, the population doubled. Its name comes from the mythical King Aradippos who was its resident.

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