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Cyprus Amusement Park

Ayia Napa Sculpture Park

ayia napa cyprus sculpture park
ayia napa sculpture park
ayia napa sculpture park cyprus
cyprus ayia napa sculpture park
cyprus sculpture park

The Ayia Napa Sculpture Park is located in the Ayia Napa Municipality. It is a very important cultural project for the municipality and it is the first of its kind in the Ammochostos district.

Ayia Napa Underwater Sculpture Park

ayia napa underwater sculpture park
ayia napa underwater sculpture park cyprus
underwater sculpture park ayia napa

The Ayia Napa Underwater Sculpture Park is located in the Pernera area of Ayia Napa.

It is a manmade reef which is has a theme from Greek mythology. The underwater reef aims in the development and the protection of the sea biodiversity, the development of the ecosystem and the enrichment of the tourist product in the area.

Adventure Mountain Park - Kyperounta

adventure mountain park kyperounta
adventure mountain park
adventure mountain park kyperounta village

The Adventure Mountain Park is located in the village of Kyperounta  (Limassol district) in the Troodos Mountains.

The adventure mountain park is an outdoor park known for adventure sports as well as its breath-taking nature trails and views.

Golden Donkeys Farm - Skarinou

golden donkeys farm
golden donkeys farm cyprus
golden donkeys farm skarinou

The Golden Donkeys Farm is located in the Skarinou village in the Larnaca district.

Petreon Sculpture Park - Mazotos

petreon mazotos sculpture park
petreon sculpture park
sculpture park cyprus
sculpture park mazotos

The Petreon Sculpture Park is located in the village of Mazotos, in the Larnaca district. In Greek the name translates to "Πάρκο Γλυπτικής Πετραίον". 

Cyprus Land Medieval Theme Park

cyprus land park
cyprus land medieval theme park
cyprus land theme park

The Cyprus Land Medieval Theme Park is located in the Limassol district.

It is an interesting theme park which made its appearance in in the Germasoyia area. There you can go back into time and enjoy a truly exciting and fun day. You will see the 3D model of the island which is the largest in its kind in Europe, and hear the guide touring you through history and legends of the medieval era in Cyprus.

Mazotos Camel Park

camel park mazotos
mazotos camel park
mazotos camel park cyprus

The Mazotos Camel Park is located at the Mazotos Village and at a convenient location, about 15 minutes from the Larnaca Airport, 30 minutes from the Limassol district and 40 minutes from the Nicosia district.

Protaras Ocean Aquarium

aquarium protaras
protaras aquarium
protaras ocean aquarium
protaras ocean aquarium cyprus

The Protaras Ocean Aquarium is located in the area of Protaras in Cyprus.

The aquarium is the home to over 1000 species such as piranhas, stingrays, turtles, crocodiles, penguins and many more. The aquarium is the ideal place for relaxing and going on a trip through the underwater world and walk through the 12,500m2 tropical gardens. Though the journey visitors have the opportunity to see 400 different types of species.

Sparti Rope Park - Platres

sparti park
sparti rope park
sparti rope park platres

 The Sparti Rope Park is located in the Platres village in Cyprus, in front of the Platres hospital coming from the main road of Kato Platres to Pano Platres.

The Sparti Rope Park is the first rope adventure forest park in Cyprus and is a family outdoor activity. The name comes from the Greek Spartans due to the fact that they used this type of training.

Christmas Wonderland Limassol

christmas wonderland limassol
limassol christmas

Christmas Wonderland is coming to Limassol and awaits for young and old to visit its Christmas village for the most magical Christmas which Limassol has ever met.

From the 1st of December until the 7th of January, the Old Port in Limassol will be transformed into a village filled with magic, activities a, games and warm wine.