Agioi Vavatsinias is a village in the Larnaca district to the south of the Machera forest, 700 metres above the sea surface.

It is one of the most beautiful villages in Cyprus, whose houses are built on the slopes of brown coloured hills. The name translates to "Αγίοι Βαβατσινιάς" in Greek.

The altitude and the deep valleys which are protected by the winds, help the development of various cultivations. Here, vineyards olive trees, almond trees, citrus fruit, mandarins, fig trees, pomegranates, berries are grown.


The community met many increases and decreases of its population. The residents in 1881 were 260 and increased to 325 in 1911, to 339 in 1931 and to 397 in 1960. However due to urbanism it began to decrease in 1976 when it reached 203 residents. It increased again to 244 in 1982. The last inventory was in 2001 when the residents were 177.

Local Products

In the village there are many large pots which are used for the creation of zivania. There is also another old pot which was used for the production of local wine.

The village is well known for its embroidery. The history of local embroidery of the lefkaritiko type, is lost in the centuries. About 50 women deal with embroidery in the village, while merchants also hire women from other neighbouring villages in order to satisfy their customers. The community has produced charcoal, embroidery, silver, wine, zivania and with fruit and vegetables.


In the framework of the Pitsilia Project, two dams were built of 53.000 and 55.000 square metres of water. It is expected that greenery will be created in the few fields in the area.

Holly Water

At the end of the village is the Holly Water of Agious Anargyrous , which confirms the presence of the saints in the village. The area of the Holly Water is where the saints took their horses to cool down. The Holly water is considered to be miraculous due to its healing abilities. It is worth mentioning that there is also a chapel built at the area of the Holly Water.

Sxinia (ropes) ton Agion

The community honours the passing of Agious Anargyrous from the village with the preservation of the bush known as Sxinia ton Agion which according to tradition is the place where the saints tied their horses. Also the church is planning on building a church monument at the specific point.

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  • Αγίοι Βαβατσινιάς
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