Alaminos beach is located along the shore of Larnaca and Kiti. It is almost hidden from common view and it is truly a secret paradise. In order to get there you must turn off-road. On the shores of Alaminou, away from the sight of man, there is a secret paradise for swimming. This area was difficult to access until a few years ago. With the creation of the fishing refuge in two years, a paradise was formed. The community of Alaminou cleaned, created roads and planted trees. A large parking lot is a few metres further from the beach. There is a footpath with begins from the beach and ends one kilometre further down in the new tourist area Aldiana Zypern. The fishing refuge can accommodate hundreds of boats. The beach offers all the facilities which a visitor may need such as rent a sunbed or an umbrella and the prices are on display. The kiosk offers many types of drinks at supermarket prices and not those of a tourist kiosk.

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