Traditional Cypriot Occupations

Throughout the years, arts and crafts helped develop a variety of traditional occupations in Cyprus. Most of these arts and crafts have perished over time, however there are still a few people in different villages who have kept their traditions and still continue to do these occupations.


A potter created vessels and items which were used for clean practical purposes such as placing water or wine in them, as well as religious reasons.


Clairvoyants or Tinkers

A clairvoyant or tinker dealt with the creation of copper items as well as all types of sieves.


Knife makers

A knife maker made all the steel type of knives which were used for professional purposes.



A carver made wooden chest items which are still maintained today in order to keep linen in.


Chair makers

A Chair maker manufactured chairs. In the towns, the chair maker created chairs out of round wood pieces. In the villages, the chair maker would make a different type of chair which was a type stool.


Candle makers

A Candle maker (Tzerkopoulis) created the candles for religious purposes as well as wax figures of children or parts of the body which believers dedicated to Saints of the Church for the treatment of the diseased.


Silk makers

A Silk maker (Metaxas) was the craftsman who produced the silk from the cocoons.


Quilt makers

A Quilt maker (Paplomatas) sowed the cotton quilts, mattresses and pillows for beds, as well as cushions for sofas, armchairs etc. The main tool he used was the bow (doxari).


Saddle makers

A Saddle maker (Stratouras-Samaras) manufactured saddles for the donkeys.  



A Shoemaker (Tsaggaris) used the processed skins of goats in order to create boots (podines) which could be worn on both the left and right legs.

Traditional Cypriot Occupations photos: 
candle maker
candle maker
  • candle maker
  • chair maker
  • potter
  • shoe maker
  • silk maker