The Troodos Geopark is located at the centre part of Cyprus and it extends to about 137.000 hectares or 1370 square kilometres, taking over about 45% of the total Troodos mountain range and the 15% of the total extent of Cyprus

It extends to the east from the villages Mitsero, Agia Marina and Potami, to the north from Katydata until Kambos tis Tsakistras, to the west until Stavros tis Psokas and Vouni Panagias, to the south and southwest from Vretsia , Agio Nikolao , Mandria , Papoutsa and Agios Epifanios.

Administratively it falls in three districts, Nicosia, Paphos and Limassol covering the altitude zone from 300 metres until the highest peak of Cyprus, Chionistra with an altitude of 1952 metres.

It includes 110 houses with a total population of about 25000 residents. The area combines the exciting local geology with the unique natural environment of Troodos, the long history of human society and the typical customs and traditions of the local population.

Geopark Visitor Centre

The Geopark Visitor Centre of the Troodos Geopark (an area with an extent of 1.147 square kilometres) is located at the old Asvestos mine, an area with historical value which accommodates a beautiful Botanical Garden with information about the fauna of the area , a seed bank of endemic types as well as a variety of proof about the previous mine life ,and its people.

In order to create the Visitor Centre of the Geopark , the old Mining Primary School was used. It is an excellent building of old architecture with a special characteristic of fireplaces which are accommodated in all the rooms and the interior courtyard.

At the entrance of the building there is an amazing geological garden which is a representation of the Troodos mountain range. In this garden one can see the rock formations as they are in real life. There is also an outdoor classroom which is mainly used by students for interactive lessons.

In the interior area there are beautiful exhibits of the geological importance in the Troodos Mountains, a representation of significant areas of geological importance such as faults, mines and nature trails. There are also boards with scientific information as well as a projection room of the Geopark documentary.

The Centre also accommodates a special room which is dedicated to the Asvestos and Chrome mines, a reproduction of the ancient kamini (cauldron) for the production of copper and the representation of sulphur mining ores of the past century.

At the exit there is a shop with Geoproducts, from which one can buy art objects and others made from materials found in Troodos as well as a tourist guide and the Geopark documentary.

We are sure that a visit will be extremely interesting for the uniqueness of the island, as the most ancient piece of the oceanic cortex, which illuminates scientists from all over the world for the creation of a new oceanic cortex.


Rooms: Shop, Learn about the Geopark, Rock room, Seminar room, Fossil room, Natural Environment room, Asbestos and Chrome room, History of Copper, Representation of Galaria


Opening hours :

Every day 09:00-16:00 except Mondays

Entrance Fees :

Adults €3

Children €2

The entrance fees are used for activities in the Geopark.

Special Prices for groups of over ten people.

Information :

62 Archbishop Makarios III ,

2827 Galata ,



+357 22952043 / 22952004


+357 22952045


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