The Cyherbia Botanical Park is located in the community of Avgorou in the Larnaca district, a small paradise for all senses.

There are smells, colours and tastes that wait for the visitor to explore through the dozens of aromatic plants and flowers that exist at the park. The Park is divided into 9 theme areas which are listed bellow. As you explore the park you will see the plants which concern each of the following areas:

Theme areas

Bath garden, Therapeutic herbs, Aromatic herbs, Bug repellent herbs, Herbs for women, Herbs for relaxation, Potpourri, Cooking herbs, Traditional Cypriot herbs

At the same time, there is a maze of 2000 square metres in which you are challenged to find the seven hidden birds, as well as the exit. This area is a specially formed forest area that is made up of indigenous trees and bushes which form the map of Cyprus. As you pass through the forest you can reveal the seven wonders of the island that are found in different areas in Cyprus.

The garden also operates a distillery of essential oils, and a cafeteria in which you can relax and enjoy a herbal tea as well as others. Before you leave you can also supply yourselves with various biological items, such as herbs, teas, essential oils, body products and others. There are also educational activities for the children.

It is worth mentioning that every June the park takes part in the Jasmine festival. The public has the opportunity to wall around in the only place in Cyprus which is especially formed with jasmine. Jasmine is also distilled at the park to create essential oils.

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cyherbia botanical park
cyherbia botanical park
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