The same process which is used for the creation of Epsima is used for the creation of Palouze, until the must is strained in order to remove the dirt.

Before the must goes in the fire, the flour is added (about one kilo for every eight kilos of must). They then place the tray in the fire and the mixture is stirred so that it does not stick and so that clumps are not created.

When the mixture begins to harder, the women stir it adding rosewater, cinnamon and mastic. The stirring continues until the mixture is cooked well and it hardens. When the mixture cannot stick on a hand or a spoon it means it is cooked well.

It is usually eaten with almonds or walnuts and it can be maintained only for a few days. In Omodos , Palouzes as well as the other delicacies from grapes are made at the end of season.

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cyprus palouzes
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