Cyprus Resi is a traditional food at Cypriot weddings, mainly in the area of Paphos and the mountainous areas of Limassol.

The preparation as well as the cooking of resi is part of the traditional wedding ritual. Taking into account that one of the two basic ingredient is wheat, the history is resi must reach the ancient Greek cuisine.

First the meat is washed well and placed to boil with a little salt. It is then left to cook well. Then the heat is washed and added into the pot with the boiled mean.

Then water is added to cover all the ingredient and it is heated on a low temperature. Once all the ingredients have been mixed, and the wheat is cooked, the stirring begins.

If more water is necessary it is added little t by little until everything melts and a thick porridge is created. Then it is taken off the first and the pot is covered in order to absorb any liquid before serving it.

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