After the grapes are grounded, usually the black grapes they are removed from the must and they are placed in a large cauldron in order to boil.

When the must is boiled it then cleaned of all the dirt which may have been in there with it. The must is then taken off the fire, cooled down and a little fine white gravel is placed in it.

Once the gravel is added, there is foam which must be removed from the cauldron. With the grave the must is cleaned and sweetened. When it is cleaned completely it is let to cool down and then it is placed in other jars two or three times.

The remainder of the mixture is then thrown out. The must in the cauldron is left to settle without being stirred. It must be left to settle down or else it will go sour. It finally becomes curd as honey, of black colour and a sweet and sour taste.

Lastly, epsima are kept in glass bottles and it is used in many foods.

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