Lountza or λούντζα in Greek is one of the most popular delicacies of Cyprus. Lountza is made up of dried smoked pork tenderloin and its name originates from the Italian lonza stagionata.

This Cypriot delicacy is produced by soaking pork tenderloin in brine and then marinating it in red wine. After that the marinated tenderloin will be dried and smoked and lastly it can be either packed or left to age. As it ages, the Lountza turns harder and becomes more flavored.

Lountza is created by using pork filets that are salted and marinated in red wine. It is then dried in the sun and coriander seeds are added to it. Lastly it is smoked in a specially built chimney with wood from various aromatic bushes and trees.

Lountza is usually served in sandwiches or as a snack and be either cold, fired or grilled.


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