The project began with Mr. Christos Christophorou’s love for Bird and Wild life.

The zoo was originally going to be for the private use of Mr. Christophorou, in order to house his large collection of birds. However he decided to open the Paphos zoo for the public, so that others may also enjoy the beauties of his private collection and to make it a unique zoo in Cyprus. Another aim that Mr. Christoforou had was to train the local community about the importance of taking care and maintaining all the wild animals.

The Paphos Zoo took 3 years to complete and was finally open for the public in September 2003.  The Paphos Zoo was the largest legal zoo in Cyprus and it is located in Peyia , Paphos district. It is located in a green and natural environment in over 100.000 square metres and is one of the top attractions on the island. The collection of parrots and poisonous snakes is one of the largest in Europe.

The Paphos Zoo is focused on taking care of the animals and creates exciting experiences which connect people with wild animals, inspiring personal responsibility for the maintenance of the natural world.

The Paphos Zoo offers a large experience of wild animals and it is only a few minutes from Paphos. Go there to meet the residents: zebras, monkeys, meerkats , crocodiles , kangaroos , albino wallabies , mouflons , white lions , tigers and many others.

Apart from the animals you have enjoy a day surrounded by the magical sounds and the colours of nature. Enrich your senses in this beautiful environment of ponds, lakes and gardens.


The Zoo is accessible to everyone and is open 365 days a year:


Opening Time

Closing Time

1st January- 31st March



1st April - 31st July



1st August- 31st August



1st September – 31st October



1st November – 31st December





Ticket Prices


€ 16.50

Children (2-12 years old)

€ 8.50


Bus Transportation

  • Transfer towards Paphos and Limassol.
  • Call the zoo on 26 813852 for more information.


Contact Details

Address :

Agios Georgios ,Peyia


Telephone :

357 26 813852

Fax :

357 26 622228

Email :


Services at the Paphos Zoo

  • Flamingo Restaurant

Traditional Cypriot Tavern, to stop and have a quick snack to eat or stay for the famous kleftiko.

  • MACAW snack bar

Located in the middle of the Paphos Zoo, the ideal place to stop and freshen up.

  • Ice Cream Kiosk

The first stop in the Paphos Zoo before the trip begins.

  • Natural History Museum

A Natural History Museum which houses some amazing items which were found in Cyprus.

  • Traditional Art Museum

The Traditional Art Museum has one, if not the best collection of traditional Cypriot ceramic.

  • Souvenir Shop

A must before leaving, to take a piece of the zoo with you.

  • ATM

Even though the entrance fee can be paid by Visa there are many places in the zoo which only take cash.

  • Taxi

The zoo can assist in calling a taxi for you even if you are not sure how to get home.

  • Wheelchair Access

The zoo offers wheelchairs if necessary to people who need them within the zoo

Paphos Zoo photos: 
paphos zoo
paphos zoo
  • paphos zoo
  • paphos zoo cockatoo
  • paphos zoo elephant
  • paphos zoo parrot
  • paphos zoo penguins
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
  • pafos zoo
Paphos Zoo location map: 

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