Peyia is a suburb of Cyprus and an independent municipality in the Paphos District. The municipality has an extent of 4.552 hectares and is built on a hillside. It is located at an altitude of 200 metres and is 15 kilometres from the centre of Paphos. The amount of residents have increases within the years resulting in the amount of 10.000 residents. Peyia is well known for its banana plantations. Other resident occupations are tourism, agriculture and livestock.


In the regional area of Peyia many archaeological artefacts from the Copper Age have been found. The village was founded during the Venetian Era as a small community with shepherds. The name is believed to have come from the Venetian name Begia which had a small port near the province. Peyia was upgraded to a municipality in 1994.


Thousands of tourists visit Coral Bay. Also in Peyia there are many hotels and restaurants.



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