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Larnaca Villages

Larnaca is a town in the southeast coast of Cyprus. It is the successor town of ancient Kition one of the most important kingdoms in ancient Cyprus. It is also the birthplace of the well-known ancient philosopher Zinona.

Nicosia Villages

Nicosia is the capital town of Cyprus and it is situated in the centre of the island.  It is built over the Pedieos River and forms the base for the government. During antiquity its name was Lydra and it was one of the most ancient kingdoms in Cyprus. As the capital of Cyprus, it was taken over by the Franks, the Venetian, the Ottomans and the British.

Limassol Villages

Limassol is a coastal town in the southern part of Cyprus. It is a relatively new town, even though clues have been found that prove that it was inhabited from antiquity. It is built amphitheatrically over the Acrotiri Bay between the two ancient cities of Amathounda towards the east, and Kourion to the west.

Paphos Villages

Paphos is a coastal town in the southwest part of Cyprus. Since antiquity it has been one of the most important ancient kingdoms on the island. At the same time it has always been famous as the worshipping centre for the goddess Aphrodite.

Green Line - Nicosia

green line
green line barrier
green line cyprus
green line nicosia
the green line

The Green Line (Πράσινη γραμμή in Greek) or the United Nations Buffer Zone, is the Nicosia border between the Greek Cypriot side and the occupied part of Cyprus.

Cyprus Zoos and Amusement Parks

There are a lot of Amusement Parks in Cyprus where you can start your day with an adventure, by planning a visit to one of those fantastic parks.

If you are tired of the sun and the sea organise a family visit to one of the zoos (Paphos Zoo, Limassol Zoos), aquariums (Protaras Ocean Aquarium) or parks (Adventure Mountain Park, Mazotos Camel Park, Golden Donkey Farm, Sparti Rope Park , Cyprus Land Medieval Theme Park) on the island.

There are many fun things to do at each and every one of these places for all ages and for every budget.