Amusement park

Cyprus Amusement Park

Mazotos Camel Park

camel park mazotos
mazotos camel park
mazotos camel park cyprus

The Mazotos Camel Park is located at the Mazotos Village and at a convenient location, about 15 minutes from the Larnaca Airport, 30 minutes from the Limassol district and 40 minutes from the Nicosia district.

Protaras Ocean Aquarium

aquarium protaras
protaras aquarium
protaras ocean aquarium
protaras ocean aquarium cyprus

The Protaras Ocean Aquarium is located in the area of Protaras in Cyprus.

The aquarium is the home to over 1000 species such as piranhas, stingrays, turtles, crocodiles, penguins and many more. The aquarium is the ideal place for relaxing and going on a trip through the underwater world and walk through the 12,500m2 tropical gardens. Though the journey visitors have the opportunity to see 400 different types of species.

Sparti Rope Park - Platres

sparti park
sparti rope park
sparti rope park platres

 The Sparti Rope Park is located in the Platres village in Cyprus, in front of the Platres hospital coming from the main road of Kato Platres to Pano Platres.

The Sparti Rope Park is the first rope adventure forest park in Cyprus and is a family outdoor activity. The name comes from the Greek Spartans due to the fact that they used this type of training.

Christmas Wonderland Limassol

christmas wonderland limassol
limassol christmas

Christmas Wonderland is coming to Limassol and awaits for young and old to visit its Christmas village for the most magical Christmas which Limassol has ever met.

From the 1st of December until the 7th of January, the Old Port in Limassol will be transformed into a village filled with magic, activities a, games and warm wine.

Paramithoupoli Christmas Park

paramithoupoli cyprus
paramithoupoli nicosia

The Paramithoupoli (Storyland) has reopened its doors in Nicosia which marks the beginning of Christmas. The Hellenic bank being the main sponsor invites everyone to live the magic of Christmas in the most loved land of young and old.

Paphos Zoo

paphos zoo
paphos zoo cockatoo
paphos zoo elephant
paphos zoo parrot
paphos zoo penguins

The project began with Mr. Christos Christophorou’s love for Bird and Wild life.

The zoo was originally going to be for the private use of Mr. Christophorou, in order to house his large collection of birds. However he decided to open the Paphos zoo for the public, so that others may also enjoy the beauties of his private collection and to make it a unique zoo in Cyprus. Another aim that Mr. Christoforou had was to train the local community about the importance of taking care and maintaining all the wild animals.

Limassol Zoo

The Limassol zoo is located on the coastal road of Limassol, and is the biggest zoo in Cyprus.