Platres village is located on the southern slopes of the Troodos mountain in the Limassol district and is one of the Krasochoria villages (Greek: Κρασοχώρια). The word Krasochoria means wine villages. The village of Platres is considered as the biggest Troodos resort and is situated about 6 km from Troodos square. It is 25 km north-west of Limassol and 45 km south-west of Nicosia. The history of Platres is very old and goes back to the Lusignan Era (1192-1489 AD) and the Venetian Era (1489-1571 AD).

Platres is splitted into Pano Platres and Kato Platres. Pano Platres is the name which was given to the village recently, after the village of Tornarides (a smaller residential settlement - 3km to the south-west) was renamed to Kato Platres. Everyone, locals and non-locals though refer to the village of Pano Platres with its original name, Platres. The average population of Platres is near 500 residents but this can easily change to 10 000 during the tourist seasons. In the previous years, people who lived in Platres were mostly vine growers and shepherds. Later most vine fields were changed to orchards, producing cherries, apples, pears, peaches and various others.

During the early 20th century, most of the villagers were dedicated to the fast growing tourism sector and they have manage to lead the Platres village to a very popular destination for both locals and non-locals. As they years were passing, the Platres village was gaining more and more the peoples trust as a destination of choice and many notable people visited Platres. Some of them included the King Farouk of Egypt and the Nobel Prize-winning poet Giorgos Seferis. During the King Farouk’s visit at Platres, a new drink was created called the Brandy Sour cocktail which is intimately associated with Cypriot cuisine during the late 1930s at the Forest Park Hotel in Platres. Another notable person who visited Platres is the British writer Daphne du Maurier who composed the majority of her acclaimed novel Rebecca during her stay.

The Platres village include many nature trails and well as cycling routes. The most popular nature trails include the Kalidonia nature trail which passes from the Kalidonia Waterfall and the Millomeris Nature Trail that leads to the Millomeris Waterfall.

Attractions in Platres

Giorgos Seferis Hall platres

Giorgos Seferis Hall

Giorgos Seferis Hall is contained in the traditional building of the old Municipal Market near the Community Council offices. The hall is made out of local stone and is in good condition, recently renovated and renewed into multi-purpose hall. It can be used for various events including exhibitions conferences, seminars, concerts and audio-visual projections.

Caledonia Waterfalls

Caledonia waterfalls

Caledonia waterfalls, is one of the highest water falls in Cyprus. It is located on Platres village in Troodos and the water fells from a height of 12 meters. Caledonia waterfall is surrounded by forest in a very beautiful area with breathtaking views. The trail is 3km long and can last up to 2 hours.
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Millomeri Waterfalls

Millomeri waterfalls

The Millomeri waterfalls is actually the highest waterfall in Cyprus. At Millomeri Fall, the water falls from a height of 15 meters. Access to Millomeri waterfall was made easier a couple of years ago, so only few people know about this place.
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fountain of Roxanne Koudounaris

The fountain of Roxanne Koudounaris

The fountain is built with marble and local stone with a very nice architecture. It is considered as a very beautiful monument and is a must see attraction in Platres village. The fountain is located in Caledonia Street opposite the Valley of Hariton and it was built in 1936.

Krios River

Krios River

The river of Krios comes down from the Mount Olympus (Chionistra) which is the highest place on Cyprus Island. The river crosses east of Platres forming a rich green valley with a unique flora, fauna and waterfalls. Independent of the season, the water still flows with variations based on weather conditions.

Psilo Dendro Area trout fish

Psilodentro Area

The psilodentro area is considered as one of the most beautiful and famous areas that can be found in the Platres village. The area is located in the north part of Platres, near to Krios river. In the area, visitors can find a restaurant and cafe as well as a trout fishery.

Milia Bridge

Milia Bridge

The Milia Bridge is a longstanding surviving landmark that still stands undamaged and in very good condition. The Milia Bridge can be found below the Platres village, within the forest and it was used as a crossing point over the Krios Potamos.
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