The Millomeri Waterfall is situated between the villages Platres and Pera Pedi, at the southeast part of Platres Village, forming a popular destination for both tourists and locals. Especially during the summer period, hundreds of people visit the area.  

The waterfall is considered to be one of the most beautiful attractions of the island. . The rocky landscape along the picturesque trees, make you feel that you are living in a fairy tale. Apart from the natural beauty of the area, visitors can also dare to have a dip in the water. The water is quite cold though, as it flows straight from the mountain.

The water that flows from the Krio River has made the area moist and cool, which is how the waterfall got its name. According to tradition, the name comes from the words Mylos – meaning moist, and Meros – meaning location, as it is situated in an area where the sun never sees it so it is always moist.

The water falls from a height of 15 metres, forming a small lake, which rises and even overflows during the winter months, when the volume of water increases. The Millomeri Waterfall is considered to be one of the highest natural waterfalls on the island of Cyprus.

Until recently, the Millomeri Waterfall was not well known due to its location not being accessible. Today however it attracts many locals and visitors with its natural beauty. A dirt road, which cars can go on, leads to the entrance of the waterfall. The dirt road leads from the main road and it does not require any walking. There are steps and bridges in order to make access easier.

If however you would like to enjoy the nature environment and  prefer going on foot, there is a nature  trail of about 1 kilometre is located at the entrance of the Platres Village, before the Panagia Faneromeni Church. The trails is relatively smooth, even though it has a slight slope, which leads to the downhill course towards the waterfall.

The best time to visit the waterfall is in Autumn and Spring. It is quieter with less visitors and the colours and smells of the natural surroundings will be more intense. If however you prefer the summer, swimming in the cold water will also be a nice way to cool down.

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