Glyka tou Koutaliou (Spoon Sweets)

Glyka tou Koutaliou as well as jams and a variety of traditional Cypriot products are connected with the traditions of the country, therefore we must preserve them and pass them on to future generations.

To begin with, Glyka tou Koutaliou are called spoon sweets due to their small size and the fact that they fit in a spoon. Glyka tou Koutaliou are usually served to guests, along with a Greek coffee and a cold glass of water.

The most common types of fruit which are used to create Glyka tou Koutaliou are: cherries, watermelon, bergamot, apricots, pears, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, figs etc. Apart from fruit, some types of vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins and aubergines , as well as  nuts such as unripe walnuts have been used.

The fruit, vegetables or nuts are firstly boiled and later on other ingredients are added as well as sugar, according to the different type of item being prepared. All products have different techniques and recipes.

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