The Agia Anna Waterfall is situated in the community of Agia Anna in the Larnaca district. More specifically travelling from the Kalo Chorio Village in Larnaca towards Mosfiloti , Agia Anna is the first village one will come across. Before entering the village, visitors will see a spectacular view towards the left.

 The waterfall of Agia Anna literally comes alive during the winter months where the water inflow from the rain is increased. In particular, the Tremythos River, which is the river that flows through the small community of Agia Anna, creates small but beautiful waterfalls. Once the banks of the Tremythos River are full and the water overflows the small waterfalls create a unique beauty. This phenomenon is very rare and which every nature lover should experience.

Agia Anna Waterfall – Larnaca photos: 
Agia Anna Waterfall
Agia Anna Waterfall
  • Agia Anna Waterfall
  • Agia Anna Waterfall
  • Agia Anna Village Waterfall
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