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Cyprus Zoos and Amusement Parks

There are a lot of Amusement Parks in Cyprus where you can start your day with an adventure, by planning a visit to one of those fantastic parks.

If you are tired of the sun and the sea organise a family visit to one of the zoos (Paphos Zoo, Limassol Zoos), aquariums (Protaras Ocean Aquarium) or parks (Adventure Mountain Park, Mazotos Camel Park, Golden Donkey Farm, Sparti Rope Park , Cyprus Land Medieval Theme Park) on the island.

There are many fun things to do at each and every one of these places for all ages and for every budget.

Cyprus Festivals

Many festivals are organised on the island of Cyprus, in an attempt for both locals and foreigners to meet the Cypriot tradition and culture, nature and its products and discover the beauty if the iconic villages.

Some festivals have been taking place for years and some take place for the first time with larger or smaller crowds accordingly.

The organisation of the Cypriot festivals brings us closer to the Cypriot tradition and culture, also giving us an excuse to visit nature, our villages, meet the Cypriot outdoors, products and its residents.

Cyprus Bridges

Cyprus is filled with various bridges (Venetian, Medieval etc ) all over the island. These beautiful locations remind us of fairy tales and transport us back in time to hundreds of years ago.

It is well known fact that Cyprus had been occupied by a variety of conquerors over the course of time, with many conquerors leaving their mark on the island.

Many elements of their culture, civilisation, folklore and architecture have been incorporated with that of the island’s to create what we know today.

Cyprus Fish

Cyprus is surrounded by the waters of Levantine that is the east basin of the Mediterranean, whose waters are characterised by a high temperature and salt capacity as well as a low concentration of natural ingredients.

Due to the low concentration of natural ingredients, there is a low production of natural organisms and therefore a lower biomass of other marine organisms, including fish.

Cyprus Lakes

Due to the dry Mediterranean climate, there are only 5 natural lakes that are salty and semi-salty in Cyprus. These are the following :

Cyprus Tax / Income Calculator

In this page we provide a tool which can help you calculate how much social insurance contribution and how much tax is deducted from your salary, while working in Cyprus.

You can use the tool by either entering your annual gross salary or your monthly gross salary. The calculation will be done automatically while typing.

Cyprus Picnic Sites list

A list with 40 picnic sites in total is given below in the table.

These are picnic sites which are located in and out of the national forests along with important information for a basic update for visitors.



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