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Cyprus fauna

With the expression of fauna we mean the total of animal organisms in an area, such as mammals, birds, amphibians, insects, fish, different microorganisms and other species which are the subject of study in Zoology.

Cyprus people

Cypriot people are very friendly and hospitable always with a smile. Cypriots make visitors feel like home when they arrive in Cyprus.

A Cypriot style coffee or a gliko tou koutaliou (sweet) are some of the things the Cypriots may offer you in an encounter with them.

The native language is Greek, but you will see that everyone will speak English in restaurants, shops, and hotels. Most of the Cypriots speak the international language, english.

Cyprus history

Cyprus has always been an important island in the Mediterranean sea as many civilizations have tried to conquer it. Cyprus history can be traced all the way back to the Mycenaeans , the Phoenicians , Egyptians , Assyrians and Persians. Over the years it was also sought by the Romans and Richard the Lion heart on his way to the crusades.

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Cyprus embassies

The following table includes a list of the Embassies located in Cyprus.

Public holidays

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