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Cyprus Attractions

There are many Cyprus attractions varying from historical attractions such as medieval castles and interesting archaeological sites, to other cultural attractions which include beautiful villages, churches, monasteries and local wineries found in various locations.

Where is Cyprus?

Cyprus is a small independent island located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, and is the third largest island in population and size in the Mediterranean , after Sicily and Sardinia with an area of 9,251 sq. km.The countries surrounding the island of Cyprus are Greece (to the west ), Turkey (to the north), Lebanon, Syria (to the east), Israel and Egypt (to the south).Geographically the island of Cyprus belongs to the Middle East , however due to its strong ties with Europe and in particular with Greece, it is considered a part of west Europe.

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Cyprus Map

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sardinia and Sicily. It is situated in the north east side of the east basin of the Mediterranean, between the geographical parallels 34° 33΄ 00΄΄ and 35° 34΄ 10΄΄ and north of the Ecuador and between the meridians 32° 16΄ 30΄΄ and 34° 37΄ 00΄΄east of the Greenwich Meridian not including territorial waters.


The Island of Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is situated in the northeast park of the Mediterranean. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sardinia and Sicily. It has an extent of 9.251 square kilometres and a population of 1.000.000 residents.

Cyprus Rivers

Hydrographically, Cyprus is made of 70 basins and 380 sub basins. The basins concern the land area in which the rain water is collected into a central system. The difference between the basins and the sub basins is the fact the basins concern rivers while the sub basins concern the smaller rivers.

Cyprus Dams

The development of the water sources since the independence of Cyprus in 1960, has been impressive if compared with other countries of this size and development level. This can be proven with the existence of the 105 dams and water reservoirs that have been built. The total capacity that these dams can withhold is about 304, 7 million tonnes of cubical metres of water.

Cyprus Wine Villages

Wine villages of Limassol

Cyprus Museums and Galleries

Cyprus has a rich culture and that can be demonstrated by visiting its museums.

You can view our Cyprus museum list below according to the various districts and you can also use our map display to easily locate the museums.

Entrance Passes

Cyprus weather

Cyprus cities share similar weather and climate conditions due to the island's small size. You can find about Cyprus Weather information by accessing any of the Cities below.