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Cyprus Flag & National symbols

As it is stated in the Cyprus history section, Cyprus has been ruled by many other civilizations over the years and was never a recognised country therefore it never had its own flag. Until 1960 when Cyprus was given its independence, there were two flags in Cyprus, the Greek and the Turkish representing the Greek - Cypriots and Turkish - Cypriots accordingly.

Earthquakes in Cyprus

The map below shows the latest earthquakes in cyprus approximately 60 km from the island. The minimum Richter magnitude of all earthquake events we are displaying is 2.5 MI and above.

For more information about the seismic activity you can click on the map pinpoint and the related information will be shown including the time, date as well as the earthquake depth.

Cyprus Diving

Diving in Cyprus is one of the best experiences divers will get as the beautiful Cyprus offers a number of wonderful diving sites ranging from caves, underwater tunnels and much more. The waters, here in Cyprus are at a very good temperature for diving as they range from 16 to 27 degrees. In almost all of the diving sites there is great visibility underwater as there is no plankton in the sea.

Cyprus castles

Cyprus castles are considered a must-see attraction when visiting the beautiful island of Cyprus.

All of the castles are exceptional and different from each other and whether you are a local or a tourist from abroad will love spending your time in these Medieval castles.

Cyprus Culture

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Basic Greek

This section of the site provides you with an introduction to Basic Greek including the Greek alphabet, numbers, days of the week, month names as well as common phrases in Greek. In addition, at the bottom of this page you can find a number of basic Greek words as well.

Greek Alphabet

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Cyprus Mountains

Cyprus is a small island and does not have a lot of mountains but it has some quite impressive ones. Those include Kyrenia Mountains, Mount Olympus (Troodos), Troodos mountain, Pentadaktylos mountain and Stavrovouni (mountain). The most famous ones are those of Troodos mountain and Pentadaktylos one.

Cyprus cities

Cyprus is divided into six main districts, including major cities with their suburbs based on the constitution of 1960. The main cities are:

Cyprus flora

Cyprus, with its particular location in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, presents one of the richest flora in the area. This is due to various reasons such as its geological structure, the climatic conditions, the island character, the sea which surrounds it as well as the topographic layout. The study of the Cypriot flora is one of the most important activities of the forest department.

Cyprus Airlines

1. Aegean Airlines,
Telephone : 22654000
Fax : 22374222
Address : P.O Box 23821
Email : 

2. Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Telephone : 22669071
Address :31, Omirou Aven., 1097 Nicosia, Cyprus
Email :