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Cyprus Mines

Cyprus has minerals which are made up of metal or non-fossil and quarry materials which are made up of non-metallic or industrial minerals.

Cyprus Rivers list

Cyprus Rivers are located in various locations across the island. The following table presents all the characteristics of various rivers located in Cyprus, according to their name, their location and their length in (kilometres).


Length (kilometres)

Cyprus Dams List

The following table presents all the characteristics of the 56 dams located in Cyprus , according to their name , their type ,  their purpose , the river which they are connected to , their capacity and the year of operation.





Cyprus Beaches

Cyprus is well known for its beautiful coasts with sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Each city on the island has its own beauty and displays a small piece of paradise. From Paphos to Larnaca the coast is filled with hundreds of beaches for you to experience.

Cyprus Waterfalls

Cyprus waterfalls are located in various locations across the island. The most impressive ones are located in Troodos mountain and Platres village

Cyprus Churches & Chapels

The principle religion in Cyprus is Orthodoxy and the biggest part of Cyprus population (around 78% of the total population) belong to the Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus.

The Turkish – Cypriots (18%) are Muslim. There are also other minorities such as the Maronites and the Armenian Apostolics, Jewish and Roman Catholics which make up about 4%.

Cyprus Cuisine

The Cypriot cuisine is very similar to the Greek cuisine, however it has been affected by its many conquerors over the years.  The island’s modern gastronomic culture shows that is has been influenced by flavours of the Middle East, the Mediterranean and East Europe. The cuisine has also been affected by the British conquerors, who occupied Cyprus until 1960.

Cyprus Villages

Cyprus has many villages in its four cities, Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos. According to the area, the village will have a different climate, scene, activities and attractions.

Cyprus Entry Requirements

Please see all the related information below such as information about travelling documents, legal points of entry and much more.

Cyprus Currency

The official currency of Cyprus was originally the pound known as lira. The Cypriot currency was as follows: