Cyprus Virgin Olive Oil

Cyprus Virgin Olive Oil is excellent oil produced by the local Cypriot olive variety. It has an exquisite characteristic aroma and pleasant taste. Olive producing areas can be found all over Cyprus, at an altitude of about 700 metres, while the main production zones are located in plain and semi mountainous areas in the Nicosia and Larnaca districts.

An archaeological excavation revealed remains of an ancient olive mill from the late Bronze Age and the Hellenistic period. Indications of olive oil exportation from antiquity have been found in various archaeological items. The olive tree and its produce had and continue to have many uses in Cyprus:  as part of our diet, in religious ceremonies, in personal hygiene as well as in the production of homemade remedies for small health problems.

The wood from olive trees was used for the creation of various utensils as well as art instruments. What is remarkable is the fact that many areas appear to have the name Elia, proving the importance that olives had on the island.

The olives are handpicked or with machine assistance. They are usually collected when 2/3 of the olives are black. The olives are placed in shallow plastic boxes, where the procedure takes place. Cypriot olive oil is usually consumed within 3 months of its production. If it has been stored in the ideal conditions, it has a lifespan of 12-18 months.

Olive oil is used in appetisers, salads, in marinating meat, frying, as well as various food, baked goods and sweets.

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