Orkonta Venetian Bridge

orkonta bridge
orkonta bridge cyprus
venetian bridge orkonta

The Orkonta Venetian Bridge  is located in the village of Orkonta in the Marathasa Valley of the Nicosia district.

The medieval road that crossed the valley of Marathasa followed the same course as the one the road today does, was connected with the Venetian bridge of Orkonta.

Kato Mylos Bridge - Oikou Kalopanayioti Venetian Bridge

kato mylos bridge
kato mylos bridge oikou kalopanayioti

The Oikou Kalopanayioti Venetian Bridge is located on the border of the villages Oikou and Kalopanayioti, which passes over the Setracho River.

It is situated in an area with wild vegetation and was built during the Venetian period. It was originally built to assist the residents in transporting items either on foot or on horse.

Kalopanayiotis Venetian Bridge

kalopanayiotis bridge
kalopanayiotis venetian bridge
venetian bridge kalopanayiotis

The Kalopanayiotis Venetian Bridge is located in the Kalopanayiotis village in the Nicosia District very close to Moutoullas, just 3 km to the north.

Gefiri Treis Elies (Treis Elies Venetian Bridge)

bridge of treis elies
treis elies bridge
treis elies bridge cyprus

Treis Elies Bridge is one of the bridges in the Treis Elies Village. The village of Treis Elies is located in the Marathasa Valley area in the Limassol district.

The village was also included in the royal feuds during the ruling of the Franks.

Milia Medieval Bridge - Platres

milia medieval bridge cyprus
milia medieval bridge platres

The beautiful Milia Bridge is located between the villages Platres and Pera Pedi in the Limassol district. It is situated about 2 kilometers from the community of Platres.

Kamara tou Koraka - Ayia Napa

Kamara Tou Koraka Stone Arch
Kamara tou Koraka Ayia Napa
Kamara tou Koraka bridge
koraka ayia napa
koraka bridge
Kamara tou Koraka in Ayia Napa
Kamara tou Koraka Ayia Napa Cyprus
Kamara tou Koraka Cyprus
Kamara tou koraka

The renowned Kamara tou Koraka Bridge is located in the Cavo Greco area in the Ayia Napa town in the Ammochostos district.

Gefiri tis Elias (Elia Venetian Bridge)

elia bridge
elia bridge cyprus

The Elia Bridge or Gefiri tis Elias is located in the Limassol district, at the Paphos forest and it is built on the Finioti River

This is where the river of the Kaminaria village meets the smaller rivers of Diarizos River about 4 kilometres from the Kaminaria village.

Bridge of Love (Love Bridge), Ayia Napa

love bridge ayianapa
Bridge of Love cyprus
Bridge of Love cyprus
Bridge of Love cyprus
love bridge cavo greco

The Bridge of Love or Love Bridge is located in one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Ayia NapaIt is considered as one of the most remarkable natural bridge all over Cyprus.

The Old Bridge of Alethriko - Larnaca

alethriko bridge

During the 19th century there were notable buildings like the holiday house of the Austrian consul (Jeffry 1918), the house of Zekki Pashia, the local police station and the ancient bridge which is on the Alethriko- Aplantas road.

Old Tall Bridge of Xyliatos


The old, tall bridge of Xyliatos is located in the village of Xyliatos in the Nicosia district. The bridge was built during the decade of 1930-1940. The constructor of the project was the Forest Department. The aim of the project was the perfection of the old forest road of Agia Marina Xyliatou – Lagouderon –Saranti.